Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plantation 3 Stars by Cognac Ferrand Launches In September

(News Brief by Shanken News Daily) Cognac Ferrand’s Plantation rum franchise is launching its first white rum, Plantation 3 Stars, in the U.S. this September. Named for three of the Caribbean’s rum producing islands—Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica—Plantation 3 Stars is a blend of three-year-old, carbon-filtered rum from Trinidad, un-aged rums from both Barbados and Jamaica and a 12-year-old Jamaican rum. The 41.2%-abv offering will roll out nationwide, priced at around $24.99 a 1-liter bottle. Last year, Cognac Ferrand reported a U.S. sales volume of 70,000 cases across its Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Cerbois Armagnac, Mathilde liqueurs, Plantation rum, Daron Calvados and Citadelle gin brands.