Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cosumer Rum Blending

I recently visited my friend (and fellow rum judge) Pat Davidson. He prepared me a delicious (ok, it was more than one) Rum and Coke. What made these drinks special was the fact that he did not use one rum, but rather the fact that he mixed two of them (in this particular occasion he mixed Bacardi 8 and Pyrat).

I wonder how many rum drinkers out there have ventured into the world of creating their own blends.... I for one, have created a "house blend" that includes about 90% Ron Botrán Añejo (12 years old), 8% Ron Zacapa Centenario (23 years old) and 2% Hallmark Demearara (25 years old). The resulting blend is only slightly more expensive to produce than the Botran Añejo is by itself, yet is very good sipping, on ice or in cocktails.

It reminds of my beer-drinking days, when my friends and I would visit Waterloo Brewing Company and get creative with their brews. A very palatable combination was 1/2 pint of O'Henry's Porter and the other half of Ed's Best Bitter.

Anyone else out there experimenting with their spirits?


Bilgemunky said...

I've not tried mixing my rums like this, although this is probably because I primarily drink my rums neat.

The only "mixed" rum drink I commonly experience is rum&cokes, which I probably don't give a fair shake as I usually just fall back to the standard "spiced rum" variety. I have a bottle of Pyrat XO, perhaps I'll try mixing that with another fine rum and some coke this next weekend :)

Arrrrrmatee said...

Anyone who has ever had a "Hurricane" has has different rums blended together. It's passion fruit juice with a mix of light and dark rums.
I found this page via google. I was looking for info on blending rum from the still to create a smoothe rum.


Fiesta senor said...

Wow, I did'nt tried it yet, but reading you gave me some ideas ! Thanks !