Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Flavored Rums vs. Rum-based Liqueurs

With the increasing number of coconut, mango, vanilla, coffee, pineapple, etc., flavored rums even tasting like rum, I'm left thinking that consumers interested in these products are not really going after the flavor of rum but rather after the illusions associated with the particular flavoring agents. When is a "Coconut Rum" real? When the predominant taste is rum or coconut? If the dominant flavor is coconut, and there is not perceivable trace of "aged" rum on the base alcohol, perhaps the product should be referred to as a "Coconut-flavored rum liqueur" or, more precisely, a "Coconut-flavored sugarcane spirit".

Should a person who drinks flavored rums consider himself/herself a rum drinker? What do you think?


Bilgemunky said...

I'd say no. I think to be a "rum drinker" you have to drink a good amount of your rum neat or on the rocks - enough so that it's the rum you're drinking, not mixed drinks made from rum.

There's nothing wrong with drinking mixed drinks, mind you. But it's not the same thing as being a true fan of the root ingredient.

fendix said...

I say no as well. You couldnt pay me enough money to drink those Captain Morgan spiced rums. I have never and probably wont ever touch the stuff.

Rum should be had either neat or with at most one ice cube. just my opinoion

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