Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ultimate Spirits Challenge Releases Rum Rankings

The UBC has released the final standings in many spirits categories, including rum. After meticulously examining each entry under ideal conditions, the judges agreed on the following two rums as being the leaders in their industry:

* Extraordinary/
Ultimate Recommendation, 97 Points
: Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection Rum (Barbados); 43% abv, $100

* Extraordinary/
Ultimate Recommendation, 95 Points
: Zafra Master Reserve 21 Year Old Rum (Panama); 40% abv, $40

Click HERE for the complete list.

Judging, according to the UBC website, is conducted as follows:

"Ultimate Beverage Challenge competitions use a progressive method, designed for UBC by beverage alcohol critic F. Paul Pacult, that includes a numerical evaluation on a tasting grid, controlled-environment assessment, sample product enhancement, and exacting, up-to-the-minute tabulation arrived at through multi-stage blind judgings.
The Ultimate Beverage Challenge methodology reviews each product under ideal conditions over a period that allows the product ample time and opportunity to show its best characteristics and tendencies, or not. Multiple judges evaluate every entry in stages, building to a Finals Round per classification and category. In the final standings, the best products are by result of their aggregate scores and the judges’ consensus, eligible for maximum citation by the judges. Blind judging, which eliminates any chance of favoritism, is held over the course of a single period of several days to allow total focus for the judges."

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