Friday, April 01, 2011

"Got Rum?" Magazine is back!

The "Got Rum?" Magazine is back in circulation! The April 2011 issue is now available for download, please visit to get your free issue!

It has been nearly six years since we published the last issue of “Got Rum?” magazine. At that time, our consulting business was growing so rapidly that we could not keep up with serving both our clients and our readers, so we decided to focus solely on our consulting practice.

While we have enjoyed the freedom to focus only on our clients’ needs, whether these were product formulations, sourcing bulk rum or providing turn-key solutions for their rum businesses, we have missed the consumer education aspect of our business.

We are thankful to all our friends, ranging from distillers, importers, distributors to restaurateurs and consumers, for constantly asking us to bring “Got Rum?” back to circulation: we are indebted to you for your loyalty, passion and perseverance.

We will be bringing you more content than ever before, such as interviews with key business and political figures affecting the industry. You will also be able to access the content via many of today’s portable media devices. All of these changes are signs of maturation and adaptability to a shifting environment and our magazine, much like modern rum, has to evolve to remain relevant.

Our commitment to informing consumers and members of the industry remains unchanged: we are devoted to reviewing new rums, books, events and to bringing you the latest commentary on trends, as well as reminders of rum’s colorful past.

The electronic version of “Got Rum?” continues to be free. We are committed to making “Got Rum?” once again the prized resource it once was. As always, we are open to suggestions, so reach out to us with comments, questions or just to say ‘hello.’

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