Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rum Wars: The Spat between Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Heats Up

Ruth Samuelson (Fox News Latino). When guests showed up at Miami restaurant Sra. Martínez on April 27, they drank and feasted on rum, rum, and more rum, all of it Puerto Rican: Aside from sipping cocktails, they noshed on treats like Bacardi-infused cupcakes and ceviche spiked with DonQ Limón.

At some point, Nicole Rodríguez, who directs a government office supporting the island’s rum industry, addressed the crowd.

All rum isn’t created equal, Rodriguez says she told them: "The best champagne is made in France, the best cigars in Cuba and the best rums in Puerto Rico."

For the complete story, click HERE. To read the exclusive "Got Rum?" interview with USVI's Paul J. Arnold, download the May 2011 issue HERE.

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