Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book review: Handbook of Sugar Refining

Handbook of Sugar Refining
A Manual for the Design and Operation of Sugar Refining Facilities
Edited by Chung Chi Chou

As a rum consultant, I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about all aspects of the magical journey that starts with sugarcane and ends with rum. This book has provided me with answers to many of my questions, for which I am grateful. This handbook is comprised of almost 750 pages of detailed technical descriptions, charts and diagrams. I strongly recommend it to anyone seeking a better understanding of the sugar industry or, in my case, of the molasses-to-rum connection that is driven by it.

The section covering the measurement of iodine and molasses numbers and the carbon pore size distribution over time was particularly insightful. I wonder if any rum distillers have read this book and have found it as useful as I have?
Have you read any interesting rum books lately?

Luis Ayala is an author and rum consultant with Rum Runner Press, Inc. To learn more about rum, please visit http://www.rumshop.net/ or http://www.rumuniversity.com/.

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rumhead said...

Wow, I really liked your book review and decided to order it from Amazon but the sale price is $387.92! I hope you got your book free from the publisher! Keep the rum book reviews coming!