Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diageo Launches Premixed Cocktails in Frozen Pouches

(News Brief by Shanken News Daily) Diageo has launched new premixed cocktails in frozen pouches under the Parrot Bay and Smirnoff brand names. The new offerings are at 5% abv and retail for $1.99 a 10-ounce pouch. Parrot Bay’s frozen pouch flavors include Strawberry Daiquiri, Mango Daiquiri and PiƱa Colada, while Smirnoff’s line is comprised of Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Cherry Limeade. Diageo suggests freezing the pouches overnight and enjoying them by squeezing into a glass the next day. One key competitor in the segment is Daily’s (American Beverage Corp.), which recently filed a federal trademark lawsuit against Diageo claiming the new Parrot Bay frozen pouches are too similar to the Daily’s design.

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