Monday, April 30, 2012

Connecticut Sunday Sales Law Passes House, Moves To Senate

(by Shanken News Daily) Connecticut’s proposed Sunday alcohol sales initiative has taken another step toward passing, clearing the state’s House of Representatives last week with a 116-27 vote. The initiative, House Bill 5021, allows for alcohol sales on Sunday and certain holidays, the ability for retailers to own three liquor licenses instead of two and a task force to study other liquor law reforms. The bill will now move on to the full Senate, where it must be passed by midnight on May 9, the last day of session.

The legislation is a scaled down version of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s original sweeping proposal that allowed nine liquor licenses per retailer, the sale of beer in c-stores, extended bar hours until 2 a.m. and eliminated minimum pricing, among other changes. Some supporters still hope those measures will be reinserted into the final version of the bill now being considered by the Connecticut Senate.

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