Monday, July 11, 2011

Brazilian sugar cane distilled rum to hit American shores

(by DBR Staff Writer) Cross Planet, an international trade company based in the US, has plans to introduce premium Brazilian sugar cane distilled rum, Cachaca Poesia, in the US markets by August.

The rum has been available in Brazil since 2007 and has reportedly won 'Best Cachaca' in the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxellas.Poesia, produced in the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira in Minas Gerais, Brazil, has cane brake, carefully cut without being burnt up as the key ingredient.

The spirit is said to be distilled in pure copper containers and stored in neutral wooden barrels which eliminates contaminating agents and results in a highly refined taste that pleases the most discerning palate.Cross Planet chief administrative officer Noelle Adams said the company is very excited to bring the high quality product to market in the US.

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