Friday, July 08, 2011

Nevada distiller plans to combine whiskey and rum to produce "rumskey"

(By Conor Shine) George Racz’s distilling background is limited. His grandfather made fruit brandy on a small copper still in Transylvania when Racz was a child, and since then he has taken classes at another craft distillery in Washington.

The lack of experience has freed Racz to explore new and innovative recipes for his spirits. His seven-grain whiskey is made with more ingredients than any other whiskey in the country and he has plans to make a whiskey using 10 grains.

His latest idea, a distilled combination of rum and whiskey he calls "rumskey," would also be a first in the spirits business.

"Although we are the first distillery here in Nevada, we had to differentiate ourselves from other companies," distillery co-founder Katalin Racz said. "There is no point in making it the same as others."

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